Barack Obama Net Worth 2016

Barack Obama is an American politician an former president of the United States of America. He was actually the 44th politician who served as a president for the country. Before being elected, he was US senator representing Illinois and before that, he was the Illinois State Senate. He was born in 19661 in Hawaii. In 1983, he graduated from Columbia University and then he graduated from Harvard and became a lawyer, when his political career began.

Barack Obama net worth 2016 while he was president of the United States, was approximately of 6.9 million. His holdings are in tax sheltered retirement account but there is also net worth for her daughter savings. Today, Barack Obama Net Work is calculated to be of 12.2 million. After being put of office, Obama signed a contract with the Penguin Random House.

He will be the first former president wishing to stay in Washington DC after leaving office. He says that his intention is that her youngest daughter finishes school. Their new home is located in the Kalorama neighborhood and it is worth approximately 6 billion dollars, Ivanka Trump has a home there too. Obama managed to left office as a rich man, and with the publishing deal, the family will surely be richer.